Leeds RAYNET – Emley show Saturday – 5th August

Assistance is needed for the Emley show Saturday 5th August. Event organiser website http://www.emleyshow.co.uk/

This is there 100th Show so it promises to be larger and better than previous ones

Please answer again even if you have already said yes to me.

There are a few of use staying over Friday night, so let me know if you want to camp over Friday night and what you are bringing, tent, caravan or motor home, there is limited space so I need to arrange things. Please contact me direct with a mobile phone number and a possible ETA so I can arrange a meeting location.

More info and maps will follow to those who volunteer.

I’ll also try and get these put on the Leeds RAYNET website for reference

For those who have been before you don’t need further info, those new to the event who can make it please contact me for further information.

Please send name and call sign to be at


Updated: 23/09/18 — 07:27