Rombald Stride 2019

Keighley needs operators for the Rombald Strid on the 2nd February 2019

Checkpoint 1 Tong Park SE170398
Checkpoint 2 Moorside SE156404 M6EZU
Checkpoint 3 Baildon Moor 1 SE141401
Checkpoint 4 Baildon Moor 2 SE135405
Checkpoint 5 Weecher SE136430
Checkpoint 6 Lanshaw Lad SE125451
Checkpoint 7 Whetstonegate SE102453
Checkpoint 8 Pipers Gate SE087471
Checkpoint 9 Ilkley Bottom SE112469
Checkpoint 10 Coldstone Ghyll SE148451
Checkpoint 11 Burley Wood Head SE153451 G6NKW
Checkpoint 12 Above Stile SE195443
Checkpoint 13 Yorkgate Quarry SE199441
Checkpoint 14 St Oswald’s Junior School SE194418

If you would like to attend  please register

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