Bronte Mountain Bike Challenge


Status & Organising Group -  Confirmed

Event location - Haworth

Event Coordinator -

Engineering - Shirley Kendrick M0KWS

 Event Information

Event location - Haworth

Organising Group - Keighley RAYNEY

Event Coordinator - Shirley Kendrick, M0KWS

Engineering - Mike Priestley G7HEN

Number of participants - 30+

Approximated Start time - 08:00

Approximated Finish time - 16:30

Welfare arrangements - Yes No

Expected message traffic level - Hight Medium Low

Operating Skill level required - Hight Medium Low

Equipment power required - Hight Medium Low

Equipment required - 2m, 70cm, 6m, 2m to VHF, BMR, Hire Radio.

Checkpoints and safety points - To be Confirmed

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